Table of Contents

Foreword by Robert E. Coleman
Bible Versions Used

Part 1: Introducing Spiritual Parenthood 

  1. Spiritual Parenthood: So Needed, but Why So Neglected?
  2. Objections and Pitfalls 
  3. Born into a Family, Incorporated into a Body 
  4. Belonging to Two Families 
  5. Facing Suffering, Persecution, and Loss of Honor
  6. Mission, Ambition, and Exhortation

Part 2: How Christians Change

  1. The Change Process
  2. Learning the Truth
  3. Praying 
  4. Confronting Guilt and Receiving Forgiveness 
  5. Understanding Biblical Honor and Shame 
  6. Experiencing Liberation and Power 
  7. Healing for Wounds

Appendix 1: What We Aim for in Discipling 
Appendix 2: Other Issues to Talk about During Meetings
Appendix 3: Ingredients Needed in a Follow-Up Course
General Index
Scripture Index


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